Tuttnauer™ Class 5 Chemical Integrator Indicators, Item WTL198-0082

Tuttnauer™ Steam Sterilization Integrator Indicator Strips are available in quantities of 100, 250, or 1000.



Tuttnauer™ Class 5 Chemical Integrator Indicator Strips

Tuttnauer’s Chemical Integrator Indicator Strips allow the operator to monitor steam sterilization processes to ensure an adequate control of the effectiveness of sterilization processes by monitoring all critical parameters of steam sterilization. (temperature, time and steam quality). It is an immediate readout integrator for use in all Steam Autoclave Sterilization Processes (gravity, pre-vacuum, and flash). It allows the operator to know immediately if the Sterilization Parameters have been met. Did the autoclave function properly, reaching the minimum required temperature for the right amount of time, and with the correct level of steam saturation? In other words, did it work, and is the load safe to release and use?

This product does NOT replace the need for certified biological monitoring, but works along with it to ensure safe sterilization between weekly or monthly biological tests. See our other available Sterilization Testing/Monitoring products below.

  • Made by Tuttnauer™, but works for all steam sterilizers or autoclaves operating at 121°C to 135°C (250°F to 275°F)

  • Should be used with every load for patient and practitioner safety

  • Enhance sterility assurance protocol by monitoring sterilization cycles between weekly or monthly biological testing

  • Should be used at the very least once daily, and with every implant load

  • Has distinct pass/fail criteria and allows for easy removal from packs.

  • Provides a definitive pass or fail result allowing for release of loads before results before biological test results are received

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

Package of 250, Package of 100, Package of 1000

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