Bovie® Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator (120 Watt ESU), Model A1250S


The Bovie® Specialist PRO – featuring Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration, and Bipolar, is ideal for monopolar and bipolar office surgical procedures.  See specs and details below.


The Bovie® Specialist|PRO is the affordable electrosurgery solution for the busy physician’s office, surgery center,  or specialty facility.  Designed to operate like an operating room generator in a compact lower power 120 watt package, this multipurpose unit is ideal for monopolar and bipolar office surgical procedures.  Packed with dependable safety features, the Bovie® Specialist PRO satisfies your surgical demands with safety, reliability and convenience.

The Bovie® Specialist PRO features five output settings: Cut (120W), Blend (90W), Coagulation (80W), Fulguration (40W) and Bipolar (30W).  Industry standard connections allow for use of a variety of monopolar and bipolar accessories providing energy versatility across a variety of specialties such as OBGYN, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine and more.

The Bovie® Specialist PRO is designed with state of the art safety features including Bovie NEM™ (Neutral Electrode Monitoring) pad sensing technology which monitors the return electrode for optimum patient protection.  Bovie DED™ (Digital Error Detection) monitors all functions of the generator to ensure constant safety for the patient, doctor, and staff.

The Bovie® Specialist PRO is backed by an unmatched 4-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bovie® Specialist PRO Brochure

Bovie® Specialist PRO User’s Guide

Included Bovie® Specialist PRO Accessories

The following accessories will arrive with your new Bovie® Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator (ESU):

  • ESP1 – Sterile Disposable Pencil

  • ES01 – Sterile Disposable Standard Blade Electrode

  • ES02 – Sterile Disposable Needle Electrode

  • ES20 – Sterile Disposable Ball Electrode

  • ESRE – Disposable Split Return Electrode Without Cable (5 ea)

  • A1252C – Reusable Grounding Cable (2 ea)

  • 110 VAC Hospital Grade Power Cord

  • 220 VAC Hospital Grade Power Cord

  • User’s Guide

Available Bovie® Specialist PRO Accessories

Additional Features:

  • Large illuminated digital displays

  • Ample raised push button power-controls provide rapid power adjustments.

  • Self-test circuits

  • Audible tones

  • Discreet outputs FCFS™ (First Come First Served)

  • Isolated circuitry

  • Digital Error Detection

Technical Specs:

Output Power

  • Cut: 120 watts
  • Blend: 90 watts (60% cut, 40% coagulation)
  • Coagulation: 80 watts
  • Fulguration: 40 watts
  • Bipolar: 30 watts

Output Frequency

  • 350-600 kHZ

Line Voltage

  • 100-240 VAC

Line Frequency

  • 50-60 Hz


  • Just under 9 pounds (about 4 kilograms)


  • Width – 26 cm (10.25 in)
  • Height – 15.2 cm (6 in)
  • Depth – 30.5 cm (12 in)


Get a Free Copy of A Surgeon’s Guide to Electrosurgery from Bovie® Medical.  Are you a veterinarian?  A Free Copy of A Veterinarian’s Guide to Electrosurgery is also available. 

Additional information

Weight15 lbs

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