Cleaning Kit for the Tuttnauer® 2340M, Part RPK791

Cleaning Kit for the Tuttnauer® 2340M Autoclave.


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Cleaning Kit

Not all parts are pictured. See the individual part links below for pictures.

  • Supplied in a convenient sturdy canvas Carrying Case – Part RPC799

  • All parts also sold separately.


  • Large Diameter Brush (1-3/4″) – Part RPB792

  • Small Diameter Brush (3/8″) – Part RPB793

  • Scrub Brush – Part RPB794

  • Handle Brush – Part RPB795

  • Flexible Tube Brush (7/8″) – Part RPB796

  • Sponge (4-1/4″ x 6″) – Part RPS797

  • (3 pcs) Cleansing Pad – Part RPP798

  • Carrying Case – Part RPC799

Also Available:

This part fits all models listed below. Please navigate to or use the search box to find the part page that is specific to your model for details.
Fits: 1730E, 1730EK, 1730M, 1730MKV, 2340E, 2340EA, 2340EK, 2340EKA, 2340M, 2340MK, 2540E, 2540EA, 2540EK, 2540EKA, 2540M, 2540MK, 3850E, 3850EA, 3850M, 3870E, 3870EA, 3870EHS, 3870M, EZ10, EZ10K, EZ9

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 5 in

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