Door Gasket for the Tuttnauer® 3850EA, Part TUG074 (OEM Part 02610019)

Door Gasket for the Tuttnauer® 3850EA Autoclave.



Door Gasket

This Door Gasket should be changed roughly every 6 months. It may need to be changed more or less frequently depending on usage of the autoclave. Everything that needs changed at that time, including the HEPA Filter and Door Bellows, is available in the PM Kit – Part TUK132.

See Installation Instructions Below.

  • 15.94″ OD

  • Fits: Door of all 3870 or 3850 models

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Door Gasket Installation Instructions:

Remove the old door gasket. Clean the gasket channel in the door and chamber face. The door gasket has a slight taper. The wider side should be inserted into the door first. Although not absolutely necessary, it may help to lubricate the gasket with soapy water before inserting into the gasket channel.

Install the gasket using the “North-South-East-West” method. Push it into the channel first at the North position (top), then the South (bottom), then East (right), then West (left). Then fill in everything in between. Make sure that the gasket is flush without any bumps or gaps. Not using this method can result in the gasket being stretched to the point where there is excess that will not fit into the channel.

This part fits all models listed below. Please navigate to or use the search box to find the part page that is specific to your model for details.
Fits: 3850E, 3850EA, 3850M, 3870E, 3870EA, 3870EHS, 3870M

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in

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