HEPA Filter for the Tuttnauer® 3850EA, Part RPF644 (OEM Part 03140036)

HEPA Filter for the Tuttnauer® 3850EA Autoclave.


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HEPA Filter

This HEPA Filter should be changed roughly every 6 months. It may need to be changed more or less frequently depending on usage of the autoclave. Everything that needs changed at that time, including the Door Gasket and Door Bellows, is available in the PM Kit – Part TUK132.

The filter keeps the air sterile as warm air is circulated through the chamber during the closed door drying cycle. The HEPA filter is mounted behind the filter cover located on the right side of the autoclave. Be sure to mount the new filter in the same direction as the old filter. Note the direction of the arrow. It should point toward the air pump.

  • 2.5″ long

  • Accommodates tubing with Inside Diameter of 1/4″ – 3/8″

  • For use with air or gases only

  • Includes: (1 piece) Cable Tie (12″ Black) – Part RPT375

  • Fits: Filter Cover on right side of machine

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This part fits all models listed below. Please navigate to or use the search box to find the part page that is specific to your model for details.
Fits: 1730E, 1730EK, 2340E, 2340EA, 2340EK, 2340EKA, 2540E, 2540EA, 2540EK, 2540EKA, 3850E, 3850EA, 3870E, 3870EA, 3870EHS, EZ10, EZ10K, EZ9

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

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