Plunger Valve Kit (3mm) for the Tuttnauer® 3850EA, Part TUK082


Plunger Valve Kit (3mm) for the Tuttnauer® 3850EA Autoclave.

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Plunger Valve Kit (3mm)

  • Viton® plunger seat

  • Includes all parts as shown

  • Fits: Air-vent/Exhaust Valve, Compressor and Vent Valves

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This part fits all models listed below.  Please navigate to or use the search box to find the part page for your specific model for details and important information.
Fits: 1730E, 1730EK, 2340E, 2340EA, 2340EK, 2340EKA, 2540E, 2540EA, 2540EK, 2540EKA, 3850E, 3850EA, 3870E, 3870EA, EZ10, EZ10K, EZ9

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

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